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FCC certification briefing, also known as the U.S. Federal Communications certification, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the U.S. Federal Communications Commission) in 1934 by the COMMUNICATIONACT establishment of an independent U.S. government agency, directly accountable to Parliament. FCC by controlling the radio, television, telecommunications, satellite and cable to coordinate domestic and international communications. Involving the United States more than 50 states, Colombia and the United States in their respective districts, in order to ensure that lives and property of the radio and wire communications relating to the safety of products, FCC's engineering technology department (Office of Engineering and Technology) is responsible for the Committee's technical support, is also responsible for equipment recognition of affairs. Many wireless applications, communications products and digital products to enter the U.S. market, require FCC approval. FCC Commission to investigate and study the various stages of product safety in order to identify the best way to solve the problem, while FCC also includes radios, aircraft testing and so on.


    According to the relevant parts of the U.S. Federal Communications laws and regulations (CFR 47 section), where the electronic products enter the United States need to conduct electromagnetic compatibility certification (some relevant provisions of the special provisions, except the product), in which the more common authentication There are three ways: Certification, DoC, Verification. Of these three methods and procedures for certification of products have a greater difference, the different choice of authentication products in the relevant FCC requirements. Stringency of diminishing its certification. On this three kinds of certification, FCC Committee of the laboratories has a similar requirement. At present, the United States has for several years to become China's second largest trading partner, Sino-US trade volume showed an upward trend year by year, so exports to the U.S. should not be underestimated. The United States, technical standards, import regulations, strictly be called first in the world understand the United States market access rules that will help our products to further open the U.S. market.


    Federal Communications Commission (FCC )---- management of the import and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio reception and transmission equipment, radio-controlled toys, phones, personal computers and other potential harm to personal safety products. If you want to export these products to the U.S., must pass by a laboratory authorized by the government to carry out under the FCC technical standards for testing and approval. Importers and customs agents have to declare each radio frequency device complies with FCC standards, that FCC license.


FCC Certification Category




    Manufacturer or importer to ensure that their products carry out the necessary tests to confirm that products meet the relevant technical standards and keep testing report, FCC to require manufacturers to submit equipment or product samples to test data. Apply to commercial self-verification of the equipment, including computers, TV and FM receiver, and FCC Rule Part 18 of the non-public consumer use of industrial, scientific and medical equipment.


Declaration of Conformity


    Equipment responsible party (usually the manufacturer or importer) in the FCC designated qualified testing organization for product testing to ensure that the equipment comply with the relevant technical standards and retain testing report, FCC the right to ask for samples submitted by equipment or products testing data. Applies to the statement of conformity of equipment, including home computers and peripherals, consumer radio receiver, super-regenerative receiver, FCC RulePart 15 other receivers, TV interface devices, cable system terminal equipment, and Part 18 of the mass consumer use industrial scientific and medical equipment. Responsible party should make the device has the following tags:


ID authentication

FCC samples submitted by the applicant (or photo) and test data audit requirements of the rules if they meet the FCC mandate to the device while an FCC ID number. Apply to certified equipment, including low-power transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic doors remote control, radio remote control toys, and security alarm systems, Part 15 of the intentional nature of radiate radio frequency energy equipment, Part 18 of the mass consumer industries, scientific and medical equipment, auto-conversion receiver and super-regenerative receivers, TV interface devices, as well as home computers and their peripherals. Responsible party should be made on the device with FCC ID of the tag:


FCC Certification Process


1, Declaration of Conformity: Product responsible party (manufacturer or importer) will be qualified products in the FCC designated testing organization for product testing and make test report, if the products comply with FCC standards, the product label affixed to the corresponding, in the user manual contains a statement relating to comply with FCC standard requirements, and reserves the inspection report to the FCC request.


2, application ID, apply for an FRN, is used to fill in other forms. If the applicant is the first application FCC ID, will need to apply for a permanent Grantee Code.

   Applicants with this Code, test reports and material required to complete FCC Form 731 and Form 159. FCC accepted ID to apply the average time for 30 days.

Receiving end, FCC will be FCC ID of the Original Grant sent to the applicant. The applicant can get the certificate after the sale or export of relevant products and technologies.


Handle the information required to submit FCC Certification


An application for certified products, manufacturers and application certification side full name and contact details mailing address;

2, will be provided to the user authentication products to install and use a copy of the manual. (If the product has not yet user manuals, can provide a copy of the contents of the draft);

3, the product electrical schematic diagram and working principle of explanation. (Such as the products are ground or antenna, should be described);

4, the product of the work of oscillation frequency table, the table should be listed in the signal transmission path and the corresponding oscillation frequency;

5, the other product characteristics that require explanation. 

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