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SONCAP is the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement the inspection control of substandard unsafe products exported to the country, a new policy.

SONCAP from September 1, 2005 start date, and given a 90-day grace period, that is December 1, 2005 onwards the Executive.

SONCAP is the Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme acronym.

SONCAP is a set of import into Nigeria for the control of certain categories of products, conformity assessment and certification procedures. The pre-shipment of controlled products must meet or comply with the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) of the regulations and / or other approved international standards.

The implementation of SONCAP is intended to protect Nigerian consumers from unsafe and / or substandard products damage. Most of these substandard unsafe products imported goods, and direct sales to consumers.

The goal is to ensure that the implementation of SONCAP control products to meet acceptable standards of the relevant provisions and to facilitate the quality of products endowed with regulatory responsibility of the relevant government agencies to control of product management.

SONCAP the scope of

An overseas activities and does not replace the Nigerian Bureau of Standards (SON) of any statutory duties;

Control products must be carried out by a certification;

Ensure that the control products comply with industry standards in Nigeria or other relevant provisions of the five approved international standards;

To ensure that the inspection process includes the following elements:

Laboratory identification;

The scope of experiments carried out;

Test the validity and authenticity of the report.

    SONCAP compliance procedures

SONCAP the need for product quality certification must be the statutory two-step process to ensure products meet the NIS, ISO, BSI, IEC and other specific criteria.

Two-step process includes:

1, Product Certification: product certification, fill in the PC Certificate Application Form;

2, SONCAP Certification: SONCAP compulsory certification, fill in the customs clearance certificate application form.

The first step product certification, only applies to the initial export to Nigeria of a particular type of controlled products. Product certification by an exporter will receive product certification (Product Certificate), may apply for the certificate is valid for one year or three years. After, you can apply for the opening of "M" form (Form "M").

The second step SONCAP mandatory certification, applicable to a number of pre-shipment of goods.

SONCAP Certificate (SONCAP Certificate) is to control the products in the Nigeria Customs Service customs clearance formalities necessary statutory instruments, the lack of SONCAP certificate will result in delay in clearance of controlled products, or may be refused entry clearance. Require special attention, in addition to handling SONCAP compulsory product certification and accreditation procedures, the controlled products must be accompanied by any other provisions of the current import procedures, such as Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). Or that the processing of the product certification and SONCAP compulsory certification procedures and not a substitute for the Nigerian government required them to complete any other provisions of the current import procedures.

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