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PSE Mark

Japan's DENTORL method (electrical installations and Material Control Law) provides that 498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass the safety certification. Among them, 165 kinds of A type products should be made T-MARK certification, 333 kinds of products B shall obtain S-MARK certification.

According to DENTORL law, 333 kinds of products B sub-7:

• Simple wiring casing and junction box

• 100V-300V single-phase motor between the simple

• Home Heating Products

• Household electric or electronic game products

• Use light sources civilian or household products

• Home and business electronics products

• Other inter-100V-300V electrical products

From April 1, 2001 onwards, "Electrical Products Control Act (DENTORL)" officially renamed the "Electrical Product Safety Act (DENAN)"

Unlike the past, the legal system for the control provisions of the agreement, the new system will be non-government organizations to ensure product safety. The original T-signs and other symbols are no longer used, but also strengthened the penalties for importers.

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