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KC Mark

1, mandatory safety certification system is the South Korean government to protect the personal safety of consumers, prevent fire, electric shock and other potential safety problems from occurring while South Korea's laws and regulations in accordance with the implementation of a product safety certification system, which requires products must comply with national standards and technical regulations.

2, mandatory safety certification through the development of mandatory safety certification of products catalog and implementation of a mandatory safety certification program, the inclusion of "directory" in the implementation of mandatory product testing and review. Where the inclusion of mandatory safety certification directory of products, the certification body has not been designated South Korea's security certificate, plus facilities without the required safety certification marks are not allowed to export to Korea.

3, mandatory safety certification system in the promotion of South Korea a variety of technical regulations and standards, implement and standardize the market economic order and the fight against South Korea's counterfeiting actions to promote the product quality management and protection of consumer rights, etc., has an irreplaceable role in other work and advantages.

4, product safety certification must be the basic model to obtain safety certification. (There are no major changes in functional and important parts of the case did not change just to change the look and feel to reduce the feature can be used as derived models).

5, all companies must adopt the following test and review in order to obtain certification.

1) Product testing is in accordance with international IEC standard

2) The factory to review according to the international IEC standard (CIG-023) to carry out.

6, the product must pass the factory once a year review and the year (sample catalog related products) in the product testing were carried out in order to continue to hold the security certificate.


South Korean electrical products, strong system of safety certification system, EK Mark, is a South Korean MOCIE (Commerce, Industry and Energy) According to the Korean Electrical Appliance safety control Low since July 2000 began to license KETI, KTL, ERI carried out product certification system.

Certified product range input voltage of AC50V ~ 1000V, and the product is announced by the Government catalog of products, their systems are required to is the actual plant, the original import agent who is replaced by foreign manufacturers for direct certification, eK Mark test criteria: According to IEC standards for safety projects: EMI / EMS project according to CISPR standards.


Directory published by the Government in the product:

1. Wire and cable

2. Electrical switches

3. Capacitor

4. Electrical equipment, parts and connections

5. Electrical protection components

6. Transformers

7. Home Appliances

8. Power Tools

9. Audio and video applications

10. Information technology and office equipment

11. Lighting equipment

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