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EMC Tests

EMC ,for short from Electromagnetic Compatibility, the definition is to test a appliance or device or a system whether it affect other device(s) around itself via electromagnetic no to work or work un-normally, or in contrary. EMC include two aspects: One side is EMI(Electro Magnetic Interference), means the unit should not affect other device via electromagnetic when the unit is running , qualification judgement is by test and set limit(s), other side is EMS(Electro Magnetic Susceptibility), means the unit should has a certain capability to resist the electromagnetic interfering, qualification judgement also by test and set limit(s).


Why prefer to choose FTS 

FTS has a affluent experience team on EMC test and EMC design improvement, in addition, the equipment in use are all famous brand from German, USA or UK, the test capacity also has great competitive—FTS has two sets of 3M Full Anechoic Chamber, higher test voltage for the surge immunity test. The test capacity cover the household use appliances , luminaires, power unit, AV/IT device, radio products, electrical appliance used in medical field and so on. More import is the test capacity cover all the requirements all over the world, one station to test all products.


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